No more problems with split ends in your hair!

Stapiz - Professional Hairdressing Cosmetics company presents a revolutionary line of care cosmetics that will not only prevent further splitting of the ends of your hair but will also help to eliminate the effects of this common problem. Regardless of the type of hair, it is constantly exposed to factors that reduce its vitality. So, it's worth taking care of your hair right now - in early spring, restore the shine before the summer season.

Ask your hairdresser about Vital - Repair dual hairtip products, designed with the health and vitality of your hair in mind.

Vital Repair dual hairtip integrating serum is designed for intensive reconstruction of dry, weak, and brittle hair with split ends. It has a beneficial effect on hair cohesion and, consequently, the reconstruction and integration of split ends damaged during chemical treatments. It deeply regenerates and moisturizes the hair fibres so they regain their correct, healthy structure, smooth and full of shine. Thanks to the richness of vitamins A, E, and F contained in argan and jojoba oils, Serum Repair dual hairtip perfectly nourishes and strengthens split fibres. The tips become uniform, smooth, integrated, perfectly detangled and are stronger and shiny.

Accelerated-action mask for damaged hair with split ends. Helps to regenerate hair in as little as 60 seconds. The active ingredients prevent excessive loss of water from the inside of the hair fibre, keeping the hair moisturized for longer. The unique formula, rich in sweet almond oil, perfectly smooths and strengthens weakened hair.

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