Hairdressing is a demanding art that demands freshness, creative inspiration and constant development. When creating hair cosmetics, Stapiz places an emphasis on education to enable hairdressers to make the most of them. With this in mind, the Color Art Desirée Hairdressing Academy was created as a place where stylists and trainers pass on their knowledge and experience to young hairdressers, perfecting their craft.

Training with the Stapiz brand and Color Art Desirée is a creative and professional workshop introducing innovative ways of colouring and caring for hair. They are conducted by the instructors of the Color Art Desirée Academy, which is made up of passionate hairstyle creators, perfectionists in their profession. During the training, they will share their knowledge and experience to inspire your creative work in all fields of hairdressing art.  During the workshop, we cover many practical issues, discussing the various stages of colouring and caring for different hair types and shades, and how to skilfully use care so that the effect after a visit to the hairdresser's is effective.