Over 92% of the ingredients used are of natural origin

Professional hair cosmetics that create harmonious compositions of treatments for personalized care and protection of hair and scalp. The new BOTANIC HARMONY cosmetics are products based on carefully selected natural and certified organic ingredients. The products are based on simple recipes and manufacturing processes, which guarantees excellent results.The active ingredients, cold-pressed oils, and extracts contained in the products were obtained in a sustainable way from renewable sources, so they could be included in vegan formulas with proven potency.


Hair Care

1. Volume, lightness

2. Strengthening of immunity, protection against pollution

3. Shining reflections, easy combing

4. Intense moisturising

Benefits for the Scalp:

1. Cleansing of an oily scalp

2. Dry, problematic scalp

3. Detox of the scalp and hair

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